More About Non-Aspirin

IbuAspirin is a type of anti-inflammatory medication that is used to treat minor pain and fevers. However, not everyone responds well to aspirin and when taken too liberally, serious side-effects are possible. These side-effects include abdominal pain, upset stomach and liver toxicity. Non-aspirin pain reliever such as ibuprofen are a great alternative to aspirin for mild to moderate pain relief. carries all the top name brands of non-aspirin pain relievers including Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, and Midol.

Our non-aspirin pain relievers are sold in several convenient forms including tablets, capsules, and gel caps. Package sizes range from 20 count bottles to large 160 count containers. Choose the form and size package that's right for your needs so you can always have safe and effective pain relief when you need it the most. 

Like aspirin, ibuprofen, and NSAID, extra strength acetaminophen pain relievers are also useful in treating fevers caused by illness. The pain medicine may be taken repeatedly throughout the day for as long as needed. Many are also good at treating inflammation, with the notable exception being acetaminophen.

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