Hot & Cold Therapy

More About Hot & Cold Therapy

therapearl.jpgHot and cold therapy is the recommended treatment for minor aches, pains, and discomfort caused by overexertion. The two-part therapy can also be useful in treating arthritis or other joint conditions. Hot and cold compression therapy involves first treating the affected area with cold to reduce swelling, then applying heat to sooth the area and relieve pain while encouraging circulation.

Hot and cold therapy for arthritis can be applied as needed using heating pads found online, Icy Hot patches, or even a topical hot and cold cream. Patches and packs work best on large areas such as backs, necks and other large joints. For smaller areas or bendable joints such as knees and elbows, a sleeve system is better suited, as they can keep the patches in place without rendering the user immobile.

For sports injuries, hot and cold compression therapy should begin as soon as the injury occurs. Our instant cold packs, ice bags and other cooling devices ensure that you'll have access to cool therapies as soon as an injury occurs. After icing, apply one of our heat pads or heat patches to reduce pain and sooth the affected area. Hot and cold therapy can be repeated as needed.

Our impressive selection and affordable prices ensure that you'll always find the tools you need to reduce pain and increase comfort.