Bath Time

More About Bath Time

When the time comes to give your newborn a bath, you do not want to throw a bar of soap into his bath or use adult body wash. Babies have sensitive skin that require gentle bath soaps, which is why we are thankful for the many great baby bath supplies. If you need a quality baby soap or shampoo for your infant, The Online Drugstore has many baby care products available. Choose from popular brands including Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno and Cetaphil to ensure a healthy, happy and clean baby. Baby bath washes and shampoos are designed to be very gentle on their skin and eyes. Many of these baby washes contain moisturizers to help reduce the occurrences of dry skin. Many doctors and childcare experts agree that babies, particularly newborns, do not need to be bathed nightly. In fact, once or twice a week is sufficient. When it is bath time, however, be sure to use bath products that are specifically designed for babies. Shop at our baby care shop now!