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Over the Counter Medicine

Over-the-counter medicine is a less intrusive way to care for your body’s aches and pains. At The Online Drugstore, we carry products that are safe for your little ones. Our presorted selection makes it easy to find the over-the-counter treatments you need. Find your favorite brands or choose from our high-quality generic options. We have a medicine for every ailment, including bug and insect bites, allergy relievers and more. Quit smoking with our patches, gum and lozenges. Forget the expensive drugstore prices with our affordable brands and shipping options. Motion sickness and nausea drugs are a great addition to your luggage. Add topical bug and insect products to soothe painful and uncomfortable bites. Our anti-itch rash relief creams and sprays help with bug bites and allergic reactions. Browse our stock of fever reducers, wart removers, home tests and thermometers to keep your whole family happy and healthy. Spend your summer days worry-free and enjoy your winter evenings by the fire without battling colds, fevers and rashes.

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